Waterproof wall coverings Deko Wall Acqua

Our wall coverings Deko Wall Acqua are room-high panels, individually printed with one of our design suggestions or your very own exclusive design. The panels can be installed and glued directly on to old tiles for renovation purposes or directly on to new built walls.

They are completely waterproof, therefore especially used for wet areas in bathrooms or as an alternative to aluminium composite panels. 

Mounted with a 
suitable assembly adhesive and can be handled easily by a tongue and groove connection.

260cm high panels consisting of hard PVC, ready for you to create creative designs for your walls:
3D designs like tromp l'oiel, Photos, CI Designs or other design motives... no matter what, we realize your design with high quality digital print. Our professional Dekozon - Partner are there for you if you need any help regarding the realization and mounting of your design.

The backing material and the high-quality sealing coat guarantee a long-lasting, easy to clean and robust wall design.

With Deko Wall Aqua you renovate your hotel quickly without a lot of effort and redesign your bathroom or kitchen fast and easy.
It can be used to give walls in businesses, stores, offices, restaurants, dining halls, customer toilets or events an exclusive and individual ambient.

With our configuration tool you can design your panels yourself and put your design into an ambient to see what it will look like. 
The tool will help you realize your own design faster and easier.

You can also find a selection of modern cement- and stonelooks to choose from directly in our shop.

Deko Wall Acqua is not only perfect for wet rooms, the wall panels can also be used as a decoration for walls of any kind.

Choose from our design-selection now:

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Design and renovate your wall covering
Deko Wall Acqua are room-high, waterproof wall elements with a digitally printed, sealed and highly resistant surface. Deko Wall Acqua provides a clever solution for renovations or redesigns of your walls - even in wet areas.

Walls with individual design

Everything is made order-related and therefore individually for you. You can choose one of our proposals in trendy cement look or create your own individual design. We print your image or graphic layout on the elements using a high-resolution digital printing method.

Panels with phthalate-free PVC

The design elements are made of rigid PVC and are phthalate-free. It is not a composite material and therefore the recycling of the panels is possible in the return system (recycling code 03).

Easy processing and assembly

The panels are easy to work on. Entrances for fittings or other recesses can be made, for example, with circular drilling attachments. The cutting can be done with a box cutter or the jigsaw. Deko Wall Acqua can be quickly fixed on walls or tiles with a suitable mounting adhesive. The tongue and groove connection not only makes the positioning easy, but also guarantees an almost seamless look.

Durability and maintenance
Thanks to the surface seal, the panels are long-lasting and easy to clean. Simply wipe the panels with a damp cloth and clean them regularly with non-abrasive, mild household cleaners.


The panels can be attached to walls in the following areas: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, garage, cellar, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, sport hall, business premises, prefabricated houses, caravans, boats, etc. The panels are particularly suitable for damp areas. The panels should not be installed in the following areas: Outdoors, in rooms with a temperature above 60° C or below -10° C, for example sauna or cooling chamber, on walls whose contact temperature may be higher than 60° C, for example a fireplace, a stove, radiators also in winter garden with sunlight, etc., in poorly ventilated rooms and rooms with abnormally high sulphur concentration.

Transport and store the panels in a laying position. The panels must be laid flat for 48 hours in the area/room where they will be installed. The ideal temperature before and during installation is approximately 20° C. Do not expose the wall panels to direct sunlight before laying. When laying in a shower, bath or other very dump places, always apply an elastic joint sealer between the connection; and between the panels and support trims edges; or between the panels and auxiliary profiles to ensure that the joint is completely waterproof. Therefore, apply some elastic joint sealer between the wall and the edge of the shower or bath. It can only be guaranteed that the panels themselves are waterproof. The installer bears sole responsibility for ensuring that every connection is waterproof.


Step 1:

Apply the appropriate assembly adhesive in a zigzag pattern on the back of the panel or to the wall. (Drawing 1). Then attach the panel to the flat wall and, if necessary, apply elastic joint sealer to the edge if another panel is to be installed there. The panels must lie flush on the floor. (Do not affix in a floating manner). Make sure that the panels are aligned horizontally so that the next row is perfectly parallel. 

Step 2:

Then grout the expansion joint and the upper and lower edges. Seal the cutouts and drill holes with elastic joint sealer (drawing 2).


Step 3:

Then tap the entire surface with a rubber mallet (and protective block) and check the positioning with a straight wooden strip (drawing 3).

Step 4:

Do not attach heavy accessories such as coat hooks, luminaires, mirrors, etc. directly to the panels, but drill holes through the panels and use appropriate screws and dowels to fix the accessories to the wall behind (Figure 4).

For cleaning wipe with damp towels. You can also clean the panels with mild, non-abrasive Detergents. Do not use abrasives, aggressive substances or chlorine-based cleaning agents as well as solvents . These attack the surface seal.


Customize your wall


We print your layout - whether it's a photo or a graphic design - in high-resolution digital printing directly on the elements.

The surface is provided with a resistant sealing.
A perfect medium for the special, unique ambience. Not only in the bathroom, guest room or restaurant toilet wall elements Deko.

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