About us

Dekozon is a innovative distribution platform of Kunst&Dünger Solutions. We started in 1995 with wayshowing and presentation systems. Today we are based on our vision „grow together“: we live and work in sustainable networks and look for the best yet ecological products in the market. 

We are committed to the European Union: european production and regional handcraft guarantee a revenue that will remain within the region. At the same time regional concepts for production, transport and installation protect our climate.

Digital concepts should serve and help people: we combine latest digital technology with consultation by experts in your region.



We invest in training and education of our partners and stand for top-quality in production, installation and mounting. With a constantly growing network we will have shorter ways to a creative and contemporary service: first you check online products your are interested in, then you ask for a quote and finally our experts will contact with your directly to find out the best solution for you. If you want to shop directly a product, with us then you should be a craftsman or maker: we do not provide services like survey, installation or mounting – these services are exlusively available at the shops of our partners.

Contact us

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